Our Staff

At Elim Church, every one of our pastors is God’s gift, having the call of God and equipped by Him to do various ministries well.

Rev. Glen Lim

Senior Pastor

Rev. Peter Lui

Associate Pastor

Rev. Maureen Seow

Director of Care Cells &

Regional Pastor (English)

Rev. Raymond Loh

Regional Pastor (Chinese)

Rev. Esther Cin

Regional Pastor (Myanmar)

Rev. Catherine Chan

Youth Pastor

Rev. Monica Choo

Community Outreach Pastor

Ps. Derek Foo

Worship Pastor

Sis. Dorcas Lim

Chinese Ministry Staff

Rev. Derek Sim

Family Life Pastor

Rev. Celine Tan

Assistant Children's Pastor

Ps. Tan Too Chong

Teochew Pastor

Ps. Jean Yong

Children's Pastor

Sis. Samantha Koh

Christian Worker

Sis. Joanna Tan

Office Manager

Sis. Iris Aw

Office Administrator

Sis. Gwen Tay

Accounts Supervisor

Our Core Values


Growing UPWARD
in Worship and Celebration

  • A lifestyle of worship as our personal act of devotion to God
  • Coming together and celebrating His goodness & declaring His greatness.


Growing INWARD
in Faith and Commitment

  • The Lordship of Jesus Christ: obeying His Word, following His ways and doing His will.
  • Walking by faith: expecting God to perform signs, wonders & miracles.


in Love and Unity

  • Loving, serving and strengthening one another.
  • Maintaining the unity that the Holy Spirit gives in the bond of peace.


in Ministry and Evangelism

  • Training and releasing members to use their spiritual gifts to build up the Body of Christ and to impact the world.
  • Winning the lost, at home and abroad, and making them disciples of Jesus Christ.

Our Church Board

As Elim Church is registered under the Company’s Act as a “Company Limited by Guarantee”, and also governed by the Charities Act, the Church Board serves as her directors and Board of Trustees.


Presently, Elim Church Board comprises of the following:


  • Rev. Glen Lim (Senior Pastor)
  • Mr. Chua Kim Kat
  • Ms. Lai Pai Lin
  • Mr. Wilson Lee
  • Mrs. Natascha Lim
  • Mr. Derek On
  • Mr. Joe Tan
  • Mr. Michael Tay
  • Mr. Ting Wooi Teak

L-R: Mr. Ting Wooi Teak, Mr. Joe Tan, Mr. Wilson Lee, Mrs. Natascha Lim, Ms. Lai Pai Lin,
Rev. Glen Lim, Mr. Chua Kim Kat, Rev. Peter Lui (Associate Pastor; Ex-officio member),
Dr. Michael Tay, Mr. Derek On



The Company Secretary is Ms Michelle Tan, a lawyer by profession.

Our History

Elim Church is the oldest Assemblies of God Church in Singapore. By God’s supervening grace and sovereign will, Elim made her first appearance in an undeveloped Singapore of 1928, and today is a dynamic and vibrant church steadfast in its Pentecostal traditions. 

The combined input from the succession of many saintly pastors of varying character, giftings, acumen, miens, experiences, and other godly factors has made Elim what she is today. For this, we shout out: “To God Be The Glory!”


First Assemblies of God missionaries arrive in Singapore


Current property purchased and named Elim Church


First two-storey church building built


Current 4-storey church building built