Onsite & Online Services

We gather together to worship our faithful and loving God and to place our trust “In Christ and Christ Alone” as we conduct our onsite services with appropriate measures in line with the latest Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY) Advisory for Religious Organizations.


Do take note that tickets are no longer required for any of our services from 15 March 2022 onwards!


If this is your first time attending our services, do take some time to read through the information below.

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What Are The Service Times?
Can I Bring My Children?
Can I Bring Guests?
Can I Come If I Have Not Been Fully Vaccinated?
I Have Not Collected My TraceTogether Token. Can I Still Come?
What Can I Expect When I Come For An Onsite Service?
What Are The Safety Measures and Regulations In Place?
Do I Need A Ticket For Admission?
When Will Tickets Be Released?
How Do I Cancel My Booking?
Can I Book Tickets On Behalf Of Others?
All Available Tickets Are Taken Up! What Can I Do?
Do I Need To Print Out My Ticket?
How Do I Book A Ticket?