Couples Movie Date Night

Married couples of Elim Church, this is for you! Join us for a movie date with your spouse and not just simply spend time together, but to be inspired to grow in love for God and for each other!


Date:  Thursday, 10 February at 7.30 pm

Venue: Elim Church, Praise Sanctuary, Level 2



Payment will be collected via our Giving methods for general offerings. Do indicate "Movie Date Night" in the transaction field or at the back of the cheque. It will help us greatly if you take a screenshot of the transaction details with the date/time and the transaction number and email or WhatsApp us for confirmation. You can head to our Giving section for details on giving.


Click the button below to register for the movie screening today!

Registration begins on 16 Jan, 12.30 pm and closes 6 Feb, 11:59 pm.