Sermons & Articles

We are thankful to have a Heavenly Father who relates to us. What can we learn from our perfect father figure? How does His faithfulness lead us to be faithful in the various areas of our lives? This Father's Day, let us hear from Ps Derek Foo as he shares about The Faithful Father.

Living together as a family unit brings opportunities to do many things together. Do we set aside time intentionally to pray, worship, and do devotions together as a family? Why is it important that we do this as a family? Let us hear from Rev Glen Lim as he shares how we can build The Family Prayer Altar.

It is common to describe our relationship with fellow believers as part of the family of God. But what is the significance of our adoption into God's family? Knowing that we are heirs of God and co-heirs with Christ, how does it help us to live for Him? Let us hear from Rev Peter Lui as he shares what it means to be part of The Family of God.

If we can condense our entire life in just one day, what does it look like? Does it mainly consist of a God-centred life, or has the distractions of this world consumed our days? Let us hear from Rev Catherine Chan as we carefully consider our spiritual life when we Number Our Days.

What is the purpose of the Holy Spirit in every believer? Why do we as disciples of Christ need to be baptised with the Holy Spirit? On this Pentecost Sunday, let us hear from Ps Derek Foo as he shares how we can be empowered when The Holy Spirit Poured Out in our lives.

Who is the Holy Spirit? What is His relationship with every believer? What are some ways we can partner with the Holy Spirit? Let us hear from Rev Derek Sim as he shares what it means for believers in Knowing and Communing with The Person of the Holy Spirit.

What separates the paths of both the wise and foolish people? As believers, we can hear and understand what is right, but will we choose to do it? Would we the vessels of God's blessings to others, or would we cut off His Word from our hearts? Let us hear from Rev Glen Lim as he challenges us to go From Hearing To Doing To Blessing.

Would you be prepared to meet Jesus face to face if He were to return today? How would you serve God and others, given the limited time He has entrusted you with? May we be steadfast in our pursuit towards God, and not waver in our service to Him, as well as to our fellow brothers ad sisters among us. Let us hear from Rev Catherine Chan as she shares in detail about the Parables of Eschatology.

What does wisdom look like through the lens of Jesus? How does wisdom reveal the gaps in our spiritual condition and how can we deal with it? How does Godly wisdom help us to relate to our fellow believers? As Rev Peter Lui shares about the Parables of Wisdom, may our hearts be moved to act upon what Jesus wants us to do.

What do you think it means to work in the kingdom of God? How may our work bring greater value to His kingdom? More importantly, would Jesus commend us as great and faithful servants when we give an account to Him one day? Let us hear from Ps Derek Foo as he unpacks The Parables Of Service and how those themes apply to us as believers.

"Whoever has ears, let them hear." May our ears not be shut, may our eyes not be closed and may our hearts not be calloused as we hear about the kingdom of heaven through the parables of Jesus. Have we allowed God to till the soil of our hearts, and for us to adore Him wholeheartedly in every area of our lives? Let us hear from Rev Glen Lim as we reflect upon this question - Is Your Heart Right With God?

The life of a believer can be filled with challenges. At times, those situations can be daunting and we may lose sight of our purpose and direction. But the light of Christ can shine bright in such dark times. How can the revelation of the risen Christ help us? Let us hear from Ps Derek Foo as he challenges us with this question on Resurrection Sunday - Have You Seen Him?