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What do you think it means to work in the kingdom of God? How may our work bring greater value to His kingdom? More importantly, would Jesus commend us as great and faithful servants when we give an account to Him one day? Let us hear from Ps Derek Foo as he unpacks The Parables Of Service and how those themes apply to us as believers.

"Whoever has ears, let them hear." May our ears not be shut, may our eyes not be closed and may our hearts not be calloused as we hear about the kingdom of heaven through the parables of Jesus. Have we allowed God to till the soil of our hearts, and for us to adore Him wholeheartedly in every area of our lives? Let us hear from Rev Glen Lim as we reflect upon this question - Is Your Heart Right With God?

The life of a believer can be filled with challenges. At times, those situations can be daunting and we may lose sight of our purpose and direction. But the light of Christ can shine bright in such dark times. How can the revelation of the risen Christ help us? Let us hear from Ps Derek Foo as he challenges us with this question on Resurrection Sunday - Have You Seen Him?

Through the crucifixion and death of Jesus, we have the opportunity to receive His saving grace. When Jesus said that "It is finished", He has defeated the sting of death and given us believers victory our the power of sin through Him. Knowing that we have become children of God through our faith, we are called to live a life that glorifies Him. Let us hear from Rev. Glen Lim as he reminds us how we have Crossed Over from death to life on this special Good Friday.

The life of every believer should encompass true concern and passion for the lost souls. If we have been keeping close fellowship with our Lord Jesus Christ, evangelism should be part and parcel of our walk with Him. Let us hear from Rev Peter Chng as he challenges us to look beyond ourselves and focus on Soul-Winning.

God desires everyone to be saved and not to perish in their sin, however there are still many who have yet to know the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. One way we can reach out is to be a friend to someone and eventually turn it into an opportunity for evangelism. Let us hear from Rev Peter Lui as he shares about the importance of Friendship Evangelism.

Do you think you can bring a pre-believer to Christ if you are given 10 years to do so? Our guest speaker, Bro Jason Wong, challenges the church with this question. May the Lord open our eyes to the harvest and reach out to pre-believing friends and loved ones through One For Jesus.

All of creation reveal God and His creative nature to us. And as His special creation, made in His image, we should be able to exercise and reflect God’s creativity. However, we may have unintentionally starved this wonderful gift in our hands. Join Ps Derek Foo as he challenges us to Get Creative to reveal the creative God through our lives.

In our walk as believers, we are thankful for God's favor as we navigate through challenges in our lives. As we continue to seek God in obedience and expectation, let us remember that God's favor helps us to be a blessing to others as well. Join Rev Glen Lim as he shares about what it means to be Walking In God's Favor.

In the course of our lives, we do find ourselves in situations and circumstances that seem to surround us and make us feel like we are trapped on all sides. In such times it is important to remember the truth from this week's message. Join Rev Catherine Chan as she reminds all believers - "Feeling Surrounded? Remember, God Holds Your Tomorrow!"

In this season of family reunion, celebration, and blessing, it is also a good time to remind ourselves of the blessings that we have and can receive from our God. When we go through valley seasons and may be in desperate situations, let us be encouraged by Ps Peter Lui as he unpacks a portion of Psa 25 for us to be reminded - What An Awesome God We Serve.

One of the ways in which we can Be Faithful to the End is through our persistent pursuit of God. And one of the ways we demonstrate that desire for God is through the discipline of fasting. Let us hear from our Senior Pastor, Rev. Glen Lim, as he takes us through this important discipline and highlights for every believer the Benefits of Fasting.