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In our walk as believers, we are thankful for God's favor as we navigate through challenges in our lives. As we continue to seek God in obedience and expectation, let us remember that God's favor helps us to be a blessing to others as well. Join Rev Glen Lim as he shares about what it means to be Walking In God's Favor.

In the course of our lives, we do find ourselves in situations and circumstances that seem to surround us and make us feel like we are trapped on all sides. In such times it is important to remember the truth from this week's message. Join Rev Catherine Chan as she reminds all believers - "Feeling Surrounded? Remember, God Holds Your Tomorrow!"

In this season of family reunion, celebration, and blessing, it is also a good time to remind ourselves of the blessings that we have and can receive from our God. When we go through valley seasons and may be in desperate situations, let us be encouraged by Ps Peter Lui as he unpacks a portion of Psa 25 for us to be reminded - What An Awesome God We Serve.

One of the ways in which we can Be Faithful to the End is through our persistent pursuit of God. And one of the ways we demonstrate that desire for God is through the discipline of fasting. Let us hear from our Senior Pastor, Rev. Glen Lim, as he takes us through this important discipline and highlights for every believer the Benefits of Fasting.

Jesus is coming back soon, and while he tarries, we must Be Faithful to the End. Besides the reading of the Word of God, we must continually be faithful to grow in our personal prayer life. Let us hear from Rev. Peter Lui as he shares what it means for us as believers, and more so as Pentecostals, to be Praying in the Spirit.

In order to embark on this year's theme to Be Faithful to the End, we must understand that it begins with ourselves personally and individually. We must take personal responsibility to practice and nurture the fruit of faithfulness in our lives. Join Ps Derek Foo as he challenges us to grow in our faithfulness to read and study The Word of God this year as the first step in helping us Be Faithful to the End in our personal lives.


Being Faithful to the End requires a commitment not only to pursue God more, but also to be obedient to God’s commands. And He has given the Great Commission - the mandate and mission for all believers while we are here on earth. And we thank God for blessing Elimites so that they are able to support God’s Work to reach the spiritually unresolved here and beyond through Elim’s missions programme. Let’s join Rev. Monica Choo this Missions Sunday as she challenges us to continue God’s Work through our giving.

As we step into 2024, it is important for us to get vision and direction from God, individually as His children, and corporately as a church. 2024 did not start peacefully or blissfully for some. How then should we face the year in light of the volatility ahead? Join our Senior Pastor, Rev. Glen Lim, as He sets forth God's theme for Elimites in 2024 - "Be Faithful To The End".

Elim Church presents "Homecoming", a story of love, hope, and acceptance that can only come through a genuine relationship with God. Join the team and our senior pastor, Rev. Glen Lim, as we discover why Christmas truly is a story of God's love, hope, and acceptance for all of us.

Christmas, for the Christian, is a celebration of the birth of Jesus over 2000 years ago. That we can, even today, still see, hear and speak to God today is because of this Jesus, who was before us, desires to be in us, and promises to be with us always. Join Rev. Derek Sim as he unpacks this truth because of "Jesus Christ The Word of God".

Why do we come to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ during the season of Christmas? It is a poignant question that challenges what we believe about Christmas, and what we believe about God and Jesus. We are privileged to have Rev. Dr. Margaret Seaward to challenge us as she takes us through the Biblical account of the wise men to explain what it means that the"Wise Men Seek Him to Worship Him".

We Christians believe that we live not only in a natural world, but in a supernatural world. We are constantly in battle against spiritual powers and the forces of evil in the heavenly realms (Eph 6:12). As we embark on a new series in the run-up to Christmas, join Ps Derek Foo as he reminds all of us that though we have spiritual enemies around us, we have a "(Super)natural" God who is always at work in our lives.