Sermons & Articles

The pandemic has highlighted the negative effects that loneliness can bring. With loneliness typically hidden behind a mask, how can Christians help someone who is experiencing loneliness? Join Rev. Catherine Chan as she teaches us how we can SUPPORT one another in our life journey and Leave No One Behind.

The church is a community, a single body comprising many members. Because of this, the entire body is weakened when one member is weakened. How should we strengthen someone who has been spiritually weakened? Listen in as Ps Derek Foo highlights practical things we can do so that the body of Christ is made Stronger Together.

Loving People Intentionally requires us to step forward and offer help to others who may be wounded from hurts and unforgiveness. It requires that we show tender loving care to others around us. How can we do so when we ourselves frequently experience our own hurts? Hear our Senior Pastor, Rev. Glen Lim as he reveals to us how we are Restored to Restore others.

Christianity is not marked by the celebration of significant events such as Christmas or Easter, but it is marked by the life that is changed because of such events. Listen in as Rev. Peter Lui guides us through the process of moving from seasonal celebration to continual practice in our lives as we close our series on the Deep Impact of the Passion Week.

The Bible teaches that Jesus Christ has ascended into heaven and is now seated at the right hand of the Majesty in Heaven. We ponder the significance of His coronation this week as Rev. Derek Sim takes us through what is revealed about Christ through His coronation in heaven.

After Jesus' resurrection, Jesus remained on earth to further teach His disciples. But He knew that His time remaining on earth was short. He had to further ascend for our good. What is the significance of His Ascension for us as Christians? Hear Rev. Catherine Chan as she unpacks this for all of us!

The bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ is the cornerstone of the Christian faith. It fuelled the growth of the early church and was the one truth that the apostles would be martyred for. How should Jesus' resurrection impact our lives today? Here from Ps Derek Foo as he challenges us to allow the resurrected life of Christ to be manifest in our lives.

We continue our series on The Deep Impact of Passion Week with the reason why we can call Good Friday good. Hear our Senior Pastor Rev. Glen Lim as he shows us why the death of this one man is vitally important to all humanity.

An important season for the Christian is here. Our faith is critically hinged on the events to come this coming week. Here from Ps Glen as he reveals what we can learn from Jesus as he prepares Himself for what is to come.

Hear our guest speaker Ps Benny Ho share from the life of a New Testament Bible character, Stephen, and draws important lessons for all believers to be not simply filled with the Holy Spirit, but to be FULL of the Holy Spirit.

Are you living a life full of the purpose that God has intended for you? Hear from Rev. Catherine Chan as she shares from the life of Esther on how you too can live a life of purpose.