Sermon Notes

  • It's easy to clap and by joyful when things are going well, when everything is fine. But would we be half as eloquent in praising God when things go south? Join Rev. Peter Lui as he encourages us today that we can and will be Praising Through The Storms.

  • Storms are dark times that can bring many challenges and difficulties that can lead us to disappointments, delays, even a sense of hopelessness and being overwhelmed. In such times, it is important to keep our focus fixed on the great and mighty God who is more than able to deliver us. How can we do this? Join Ps Derek Foo as he unpacks how we should be Praying Through The Storm.

  • In the final instalment in our series on the book of Jonah, we come across the unusual behaviour of God's chosen. He reacts like a spoilt child who must have things go their way, and gets angry when it doesn't. Join Rev. Derek Sim as he takes us to understand how we should respond "When God Loves Your Enemies".

  • Every person is made with divine purpose, and God has a unique and specific call for everyone. Often, God instructs us to do things that are outside of our comfort zone, are seemingly difficult, and are even perplexing. Join our senior pastor, Rev. Glen Lim, as he challenges us through the events of Jonah 1 to say "I Am Willing, Lord" in obedience to His calling and instruction in our lives.

  • Whilst a favorite as a children's story, biblical scholars were divided on whether the book of Jonah should be included in the Bible. Despite its incredulity and atypical narrative among other things, the book still provides valuable lessons for all believers. Join Rev Peter Lui as he opens our new series for the month of October with "The Book of Jonah: An Overview".