Erecting Personal Spiritual Altars

New Series: Developing the Inner Life

1) Erecting Personal Spiritual Altars

2) Regaining the First Love

3) Dying to Self Daily

4) Being Renewed by the Spirit Daily


Scripture: 1 Sam 16:7

But the Lord said to Samuel, “Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.”


We have 2 lives – the outer life and the inner life. Men and women look at the face and stature, but God looks at the heart.


Jesus said, “By their fruit, you will know them.” (Mt 7:16)


  • Good tree will bear good fruit
  • Bad tree will bear bad fruit


Above all else, guard your heart (with all diligence), for it is the wellspring of life (for everything you do flows from it). (Pr 4:23)


With Christ within, our inner life is sanctified, regenerated, renewed, revived, refreshed, etc.



What Is An Altar?

1. It is a place of:


  • Worship to God 
  • Fellowship with God
  • Prayer and intercession 
  • Praise and thanksgiving
  • Devotion and consecration 
  • Refuge and Solitude
  • Meditation and reflection
  • Sacrifice and surrender


2. It could be a 


  • Room – bedroom, study room, storeroom, enclosed balcony, office, toilet
  • Church, worship hall, part of a building, hotel, warehouse
  • A table (desk, dining table), chair, box, floor area, a clean and covered toilet bowl


3. It could be categorized as:


A. Personal Altar

B. Family Altar

C. Church Altar

D. Corporate Altar



A. Personal Altar

  • a personal one-to-one time of intimacy with God
  • a time of praise, worship, prayer, intercession
  • a time of Bible reading, meditation, reflection
  • a time waiting on God and hearing from Him
  • a time of encountering God and drawing spiritual and supernatural strength from Him
  • a time of consecration, surrender, and sacrifice



You are united with God and are strengthened and empowered to live victoriously and do exploits for His kingdom.



B. Family Altar

  • A dedicated place where the family encounter God and connect with Him at a deeper and higher level 
  • A specific time set aside for family members to come together to pray, praise and worship God, to read the Bible and encourage each other, and to intercede for the needs of others
  • A place to speak blessing to the children, prophesy over them and release them into their prophetic destinies in life



The family is united and empowered to care for each other and shine for Jesus.



C. Church Altar

  • A specific place (room, hall or building) and time for individuals and families to come together to praise and worship God, and to receive power to help, support, cheer and encourage each other



Church Members are united to do God’s will and accomplish His purposes.



D. Corporate Altar

  • A specific day, place and time where Christians from different denominations, churches, organizations and Missions outreaches come together to worship God and pray for each other and for the needs of a specific country or group



Christians are united to pray, support, strengthen, encourage, assist each other to evangelize the lost.



What Must You Do?

Maintain Your Personal Altar

1) Set a regular time and place to connect time with God daily

2) Develop an intimate relationship with Him and be empowered for service

3) Yield yourself completely to Him so that His will can be done in and through your life

4) Guard your heart and do the right things to please God


Ask Him to touch you afresh and anew.

Tell Him to create in you a clean and pure heart, and renew a right and steadfast spirit within you.