Rev. Catherine Chan

  • In the course of our lives, we do find ourselves in situations and circumstances that seem to surround us and make us feel like we are trapped on all sides. In such times it is important to remember the truth from this week's message. Join Rev Catherine Chan as she reminds all believers - "Feeling Surrounded? Remember, God Holds Your Tomorrow!"

  • We all go through different seasons in our lives. At times we experience the highs - the joys and blessings of life; and at times we experience the lows - the struggles, the failures, the disappointments. And in the low times, we may feel like there's no way out. Come hear Rev Catherine Chan as she shares about Jonah's experience in the depths of his experience as he finally recognizes that "Salvation is From the Lord".

  • In 1882, Fredrich Nietzsche wrote the words "God is dead". Since the era of rationalism and scientific discovery, the faith of the Christian has been challenged by philosophers and scientists right down to the common man who see no evidence for the existence of God. But God is alive and has revealed His character to us as believers. Join Rev. Catherine Chan as she takes us through the revealed characteristics of God and challenges us to remember, "God's Not Dead!"

  • Passionate people are all around us - they cheer for their favourite artistes, musicians, actors, and sports teams with loud screams and exuberant actions. Do we as Christians have the same passion for the things of God? Our passion for God reflects our inner spiritual hunger. Join Rev Catherine Chan as she guides us towards Restoring Passion for God and His Kingdom.

  • Leaders have a responsibility to conduct themselves at a higher standard than those under them. Unfortunately many times we find leaders, including ourselves, falling short. The leaders of Judah and Israel were the same, but God promised one who would come and reign wisely and do what is right and just. Join Rev Catherine Chan as she challenges us to put on Christ daily and walk in the ways of the one who is called Jehovah Tsidkenu: The Lord Is Our Righteousness.